Basic Event Customization

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1. Logo

Replace the logo at the top left-hand corner of the platform with your own logo.

In your event's dashboard, visit Setup > Theme. Under Event Logo, select Choose image then upload your logo.


2. Color

Replace Hopin's default blue across the platform used in Organizer Chat posts, buttons, Polls, and the Time Left bar.

In your event's dashboard, visit Setup > Theme. Under Color > Primary color input the HEX code (starting with the # symbol) of your preferred brand color.


Note: To find the HEX code for your brand/logo, use a color picker like this one or upload your logo to determine your brand color's HEX code on a site like this one.

When adding a new Hex color code make sure to add the complete code including the # in front of it, for example #000000 for black. If the # is missing it can cause unexpected results in the Hopin interface.

3. Text

Replace default text throughout the platform (e.g.: rename Stage to Plenary).

In your event's dashboard, visit Advanced > Customize Text. Under Common rename any area within the list.


Note: If you customize text here, your attendees' ability to translate the platform for themselves using Languages will disappear; the platform's language defaults to English if text is customized.

Customized look

This is how the event will look like after the above changes are applied.



Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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