Maximum Character Limits across the Hopin Platform

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There are parts of the Hopin platform that require text input such as the user, organizer, and event dashboards as well as in event sections. Some of these have restrictions on the number of characters that can be entered, so make sure to fit the data you fill in within the following limits. 

General Announcement

  • Announcement message: 250

User Profiles

  • User First Name: 50

  • User Last Name: 50

  • Headline (how you introduce yourself): 100

Organization Profiles

  • Organization 'About' section: 1000


  • Stage Title: 60
  • Stage Description: 140


  • Session Title: 60

  • Session Description: 140

Expo Booth

  • About (Short information about the vendor): 700

  • Offer (discounts/promotions): 60

  • Button Action (Register Interest, Link to webpage): 26 - limit not enforced

  • Expo Booth (Mini) Headline (preview): 195

  • Expo Booth (Small) Headline (preview): 45

  • Expo Booth (Medium) Headline (preview): 70

  • Expo Booth (Large) Headline (preview): 150


  • Schedule Description: Unlimited

  • Schedule Segment Name: 300

Advanced Settings/Marketing

  • Sharing Snippet (short description for search engines and social media): 140


  • Chat messages: 500


  • Poll Questions: 200

  • Poll Options: 100


  • Q&A Questions: 200

  • Q&A Answers: 200

Note: Currently, there are no character limits for the reception page, registration page, customized emails, and additional information areas for Stage, Sessions and Expo Booths. Also, ticket labels and descriptions have no character limits.

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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